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“We, as physicians, have to lead in supporting our next generation of doctors.”
– Maurice Lyons, DO 

Kickstarting UNC's College of Osteopathic Medicine

The University of Northern Colorado is creating a College of Osteopathic Medicine – a project that would expand UNC’s programmatic offerings in the health sciences and position UNC to enhance its role in meeting the workforce needs of the state and region, positively contributing to the strength, health, and prosperity of our communities. 

An osteopathic medical college at UNC would be the third medical school in Colorado and would help the state alleviate its shortage of physicians, particularly in rural and underserved communities. UNC is uniquely positioned to leverage existing programs to amplify positive outcomes for healthcare access and quality across the state.

The "Doctors for DOctors" Campaign

UNC will raise funds for the COM through a wide variety of means, principally through philanthropy. Once it is fully operational, the College expects to be completely self-supporting and will provide additional operating revenue that can be used to strengthen UNC’s existing programs in the sciences, health sciences, and beyond.

Multiple generous donors have committed to support the project in its initial phase. We hope you will join them by making a gift to the "Doctors for DOctors" campaign today!

"With UNC's strong reputation in education and health sciences, it is only natural that the university applies these areas in the bold development of Colorado's next public medical school. It is a true honor to be part of the team that will take UNC to the next level of education and service for the Rocky Mountain region by training the physicians of the future."

- Dr. Brian Davidson, '99, Market Medical Executive - Mountain States; Cigna Healthcare

"I have practiced here in Colorado for almost 20 years.  I am convinced we have the best group of physicians in the United States.  What better way for us to showcase our talents, experience, and knowledge than through the students of the University of Northern Colorado College of Osteopathic Medicine?  Now is the time to give back to our profession, through our mentorship and finances, to produce the best physicians in the state of Colorado."

- Edward Chen, DO

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